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Q. How to know whether the weighing sensors are damaged or not

A. 1. Use a digital multimeter to measure impedanceIf the resistance of bridge arm for one sensor is 350Ω, then the measured input/output impedance by a digital multimeter should be 350Ω. If not, it should be deemed to be damaged.

2. Zero Detection
Normally, the working voltage for a sensor is 5~12V DC.

Q. After-sale Service Standard

A. One  For any product, that is confirmed to be faulty and made by our company, we will provide the following after-sale services.
1. The above mentioned product will either be repaired or replaced with a new one within one year from the date of delivery. Free repair will be provided. If the faulty product can not be repaired by us, we replace it with a new one.
2. We will charge as per actual situation to repair the faulty product if it’s over one year from the date of delivery.